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smoked salmon quinoa recipe

Smoked Salmon Quinoa

Smoked salmon, a hint of curry, raisins and cashews. Quinoa like you’ve never imagined. Make something new! Check it out »

smoked salmon recipes

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Sandwich

Our smoked salmon spread, will make your cucumber sandwich amazing! Check it out »

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Don’s Smokin Salmon

Over twenty years ago, our family began a tradition of smoking salmon. During those years with trials, errors, and a great deal of determination, we perfected our natural hickory smoked salmon and it became a favorite of our family and friends who encouraged us to share it with the world. Today, as certified smoked salmon suppliers, we value the tradition of hot smoking to ensure the unique and original flavor of true smoked salmon to pass on from our family to yours.

Our job today.

Don’s Smokin’ Salmon® is an independent brand, specializing in smoked salmon. We seek out top quality wild and sustainable salmon from trusted, reliable, certified seafood suppliers. Once we obtain salmon up to our standards, that’s when the magic happens. We begin our hand crafted signature technique of hot smoking to bring you our exceptionally delicious end product, “The best smoked salmon you’ve ever had, every time.”