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Wild caught Alaska Sockeye salmon, hand sliced, flavored using our simple gluten free signature brine and smoked using all natural hickory wood to tie it all together and lock in those traditional hot smoked flavors.

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Smoked Salmon Recipes

smoked salmon tabbouleh recipe
Get creative with your smoked salmon. Browse our growing collection of what else you can do in the kitchen with your smoked salmon.

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Smoked Salmon Spread!

From crackers and bagels to celery sticks and cucumbers, turn everyday snacks into unbeatable gourmet favorites! Hand crafted with our original smoked salmon, and hormone free dairy.
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What people are saying about our smoked salmon.

Don's Smoked Salmon is not like anything else I have ever had! It makes the most amazing dips. I can't wait to make the salmon ...
Christa Y. - Yelp.com
Tasted great, I could tell they really care about quality
Jesse Farrow - Amazon.com
Amazing smoked salmon! I buy organic, fresh, free range, wild, non GMO, the whole thing, whenever I can. So when I needed salmon, I looked ...
Lynda - Amazon.com
How do you describe food that is fit for a GOD? Delicious! Fantastic! WONDERFUL! I bought this for my husband for our 23rd wedding anniversary. ...
Nancy G. Conner - Amazon.com
My dad, a smoked salmon aficionado, loved this!
BAS - Amazon.com
Yumm!! I love this smoked salmon and the spread! It's such a great dip to have on hand for snacks and perfect as a party ...
Erin M. - Yelp.com
If you can't go fishing and smoke your own salmon, this is for you.  Flavor so delicious, a little goes a long way.Discovered Don's Smokin' ...
Susie F. - Yelp.com

Monthly Featured Recipe:

Smoked Salmon Rye Snacks

Packed full of flavor with smoked salmon, cream cheese, shallots, and capers on top of a bite sized piece of rye bread!

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