About Us

Family owned, passionately operated.

How It Began

For the love of fish and cooking our family began smoking salmon over 20 years ago. During those years our interest only grew and we learned more and more about salmon, and hot smoking techniques. As the years past our hobby was building stronger with trials, errors, and a great deal of determination. It was our goal to create the best hot smoked salmon we could by perfecting our technique and recipe.

Our smoked salmon was progressing and quickly became a mouth watering favorite of our family and friends. As we proudly smoked on, our salmon began to speak for itself and gain popularity in and around our local community. Before we knew it, our smoked salmon was in full demand.

The feedback from our family, friends, and community members was a sign we had a winner, and it was time to share our smoked salmon with the world, from our family to yours.

Where We Are Today

Since 2009 Don’s Smokin’ Salmon® has been the go to trusted certified smoked salmon supplier. Being an independent brand specializing in smoked salmon We value the tradition of hot smoking to ensure the uniqueness and originality of high quality smoked salmon is done right, and available to you.

We have developed relationships with wild salmon suppliers delivering us wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon that is sliced by hand, cured in home made signature natural brine, and smoked with natural hickory wood in our seasoned smokers.


We have established relationships with wild caught salmon suppliers delivering us fresh, top quality wild caught sockeye salmon fillets. These salmon fillets are thoroughly inspected for purity and quality. To make a great smoked salmon, you need the best salmon to start with.


After receiving this “24 carat” salmon, the fillets are delicately hand sliced to be put into our signature hand crafted brine to lock in flavors and keep the salmon moist during the smoking process. Our brine only consists of a few natural gluten free ingredients to lightly flavor the salmon without over powering any natural flavors of the top quality salmon itself.


The salmon is removed from the brine and placed into the smoker where a fire of all natural hickory wood is waiting. The salmon will never be over direct heat or flames, only gradually cooked by the hot flavorful hickory smoke. The flavors from the smoke and the brine combine and lock in for an unbeatable, truly delicious, traditional hot smoked salmon.

What people are saying about our smoked salmon.

My dad, a smoked salmon aficionado, loved this!
BAS - Amazon.com
How do you describe food that is fit for a GOD? Delicious! Fantastic! WONDERFUL! I bought this for my husband for our 23rd wedding anniversary. ...
Nancy G. Conner - Amazon.com
If you can't go fishing and smoke your own salmon, this is for you.  Flavor so delicious, a little goes a long way.Discovered Don's Smokin' ...
Susie F. - Yelp.com
Don's Smoked Salmon is not like anything else I have ever had! It makes the most amazing dips. I can't wait to make the salmon ...
Christa Y. - Yelp.com
Amazing smoked salmon! I buy organic, fresh, free range, wild, non GMO, the whole thing, whenever I can. So when I needed salmon, I looked ...
Lynda - Amazon.com
Yumm!! I love this smoked salmon and the spread! It's such a great dip to have on hand for snacks and perfect as a party ...
Erin M. - Yelp.com
Tasted great, I could tell they really care about quality
Jesse Farrow - Amazon.com

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