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A Short Fact Sheet About Sockeye Salmon

At Don’s Smokn’ Salmon we use wild caught Sockeye salmon from Alaska. This short briefing from the folks at have written this informative page on Sockeye to get you up to speed on the great and wonderful Sockeye salmon. Read it here:

The linked to page above also includes a much longer fact sheet regarding the five species of salmon Alaska has in it’s waters. To save you some time we have linked to it here:

Salmon River salmon bite is plentiful, even with record-breaking temps.

One of the best salmon seasons on the Salmon River (located in Oswego County, New York) in quite some time is in full effect. With record-breaking high temperatures for the area, it ironically is having an incredible salmon season. The Salmon River, located in Oswego County, stretches 17 miles from the Lighthouse Hill Reservoir in Altmar to where it empties into Lake Ontario at Port Ontario. Read the full article at

Salmon fishing launches in Elliot Bay

Anglers are excited for this time of year as salmon fishing starts in Elliott Bay. The waters of Elliott Bay east of a line from West Point to Alki Point have been closed to salmon fishing before this weekend. More salmon fishing will be open for upcoming weekends through August depending on location.

For new anglers, just remember there are regulations to follow. You can keep hatchery salmon, which means Chinook or Coho. Those have a clipped adipose fin and have a healed scar at the fin.

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Regulations loosen up on Kenai River

In the midst of a strong early run of king salmon to the Kenai River, state biologists are allowing anglers to harvest larger chinooks the rest of the month.

Effective at midnight Monday, anglers can take kings up to 46 inches; typically, that’s a fish of 35-40 pounds. So far this season, the limit has been 36 inches, about an 18-20 pound fish. The early run ends June 30. Get all the details at

Great Salmon Bite on Lake Machigan

We’ve been averaging 20 salmon a trip, compared to past seasons where we would catch nine or 10 fish of mixed, chinook, steelhead and lakers,” said Grinold, also known as “Old Grin.” “Now, it’s been closer to 100% salmon. The neighbors in my marina caught more fish in that one week than we did in one year.

Read the full story

Idaho May Reopen Spring Chinook Season

Seasons on the Clearwater, lower Salmon and Little Salmon rivers were closed last Wednesday because of dismally low counts of adult chinook at Bonneville Dam. However, the number of chinook passing Bonneville Dam has increased, as has the detection of tags carried by fish returning to Idaho hatcheries and may allow the Spring chinook salmon season to reopen. Read the full story.

A Bright Outlook for Salmon Season at Bristol Bay, by Chilling.

Last year nearly 40 percent of Alaska’s total salmon value came out of Bristol Bay. This growth is due to fishermen using a refrigeration system on their boats to keep their catches fresh. This is referred to as “chilling”. This trend can be expensive for fishermen to implement but is now becoming a necessity to get top dollar for their fish. Read why at The Bristol Bay Times.

The Bristol Bay salmon fishery has experienced a remarkable transformation toward improved quality and value in recent years, going from just 24% of the drift boat catch being chilled in 2008 to almost 60% chilled in 2012. With quality bonuses at all-time highs, fish hold insulation and RSW services increasing, and ice availability on the rise, the incentive and opportunity for fishermen to chill their catch is greater today than ever. This trend is unstoppable. –

Too Many Concerns over the Kenai Silver Salmon Derby?

The Kenai Chamber of Commerce in March announced its intention to host a derby for Kenai River silver salmon from Sept. 6-18 this year, with participants competing for cash prizes based on the size of the fish. However, not everyone’s totally on board with the idea of an open silver salmon derby on the Kenai River in the fall. See where their at and what’s happening next, here.

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