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a popular smoked salmon choice

Smoked Sockeye Salmon Fillet


  • 1.2 lbs. (Over a pound at 18oz. average.)
  • Perfect for smoked salmon lovers, gatherings/parties and entertainment in general.
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1lb. Dons Original Smoked Salmon

$35 | More Details

1lb. Peppered Smoked Salmon

$35 | More Details

Three 6oz. Packages (18oz. total)

smoked salmon 18oz. 3 pack
$30 | More Details

Grab n’ Go Singles (12 pack)

smoked salmon singles
$50 | More Details

24oz. Smoked Salmon Spread

$18 | More Details

48oz. Smoked Salmon Spread

$36 $30 Get one free 8oz. spread. | More Details

What people are saying about our smoked salmon.

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Don's Smoked Salmon is not like anything else I have ever had! It makes the most amazing dips. I can't wait to make the salmon ...
Christa Y. -
My dad, a smoked salmon aficionado, loved this!
If you can't go fishing and smoke your own salmon, this is for you.  Flavor so delicious, a little goes a long way.Discovered Don's Smokin' ...
Susie F. -
Tasted great, I could tell they really care about quality
Jesse Farrow -
Yumm!! I love this smoked salmon and the spread! It's such a great dip to have on hand for snacks and perfect as a party ...
Erin M. -
Amazing smoked salmon! I buy organic, fresh, free range, wild, non GMO, the whole thing, whenever I can. So when I needed salmon, I looked ...
Lynda -
How do you describe food that is fit for a GOD? Delicious! Fantastic! WONDERFUL! I bought this for my husband for our 23rd wedding anniversary. ...
Nancy G. Conner -

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