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Smoked Salmon

Does Don’s use wild caught salmon?

Yes. The raw salmon we use to start with is wild caught in Alaska.

Is Don’s Gluten Free?

Yes. All of the ingredients we use to create our smoked salmon are gluten free.

Is it cold smoked?

No. The method of smoking we specialize in is considered “hot” smoked salmon.

Where can I buy Don’s Smokin’ Salmon?

Visit our list of retailers; if you don’t see one near you, you can always order online.

Is Don’s considered lox?

No. Without going too deep into it in this short FAQ section; lox is created using a “cold” smoked method and is mainly salt cured, using a lot of salt. Our hot smoked salmon is more firm and flakier and gently cooked using actual/real smoke from a fire made from natural hickory wood. However, you can use our “hot” smoked salmon the same ways you would use lox. Feel free to read our article on the difference between hot and cold smoked salmon for more details.

Does Don’s use organic seasonings on the seasoned smoked salmon?

Yes. The seasonings used on our seasoned smoked salmon are 100% organic, natural and salt free.

Smoking Process

What kind of wood does Don’s use?

We use 100% natural hickory wood.

Does Don’s Use Pellet Smokers?

No. Our smokers are loaded with chunks of 100% natural hickory wood.

Do you use Liquid Smoke

No. The smokey taste you get with Don’s is from a real, natural, hickory wood fire.

Do you use Electric Smokers?

No. Our smokers are traditional wood burning smokers that do not require electricity.

Online Ordering

How Soon Does My Order Ship?

Please have a look at our shipping information and policy page to learn all about how we ship your orders.

Is shopping secure and private at

Absolutely. We take privacy and security very seriously on our website for you. Check out our privacy/security page for more information.

Do I need to create an account to order?

Nope. You can checkout as a guest anytime.

Can I purchase/place an order and have the order sent to family and friends?

Yes. Please see our how to here: “How to send to family and friends!” (smoked salmon makes a wonderful gift!).

Wholesale/Food Service

Who can Don’s Supply?

Any business that has a need for smoked salmon, we can supply. Restaurants, grocery retailers, caterers, cafes, deli’s, you name it! We package our smoked salmon in many different ways so that you can get exactly what you are looking for your particular business needs.

Get more information on the pages linked below:

Please contact us today, and get the best smoked salmon around for your business because your customers will love it. or give us a call: 805-633-0908


Made in U.S.A.?

Absolutely. Our Salmon is caught in Alaska and our smoking facility/HQ is in Southern California.

How can I contact Don’s Smokin’ Salmon?

You can call us at 805-633-0908 or you can email us at Visit our contact page to simply use our online contact form, and our mailing address is as follows:

Don’s Smokin’ Salmon®
1129 Maricopa Hwy #184
Ojai, California 93023

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What people are saying

If you can’t go fishing and smoke your own salmon, this is for you. Flavor so delicious, a little goes a long way.
Discovered Don’s Smokin’ at the Ojai Lavender Festival last spring.
Buy mine at the friendly Village Trader Market in Dos Vientos, Thousand Oaks.

— Susie F.

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